People Are Good and Colby is Six

21 12 2012


This is the third time I’ve written this post.

WordPress, what’s happening to us? We used to get along so well . . . now you’re eating my posts and I don’t have time for it. I should be packing right now, or at least doing the dishes so they don’t grow stuff while I’m gone.

Instead, we’re fighting.

I hate it.

Okay. Here’s the plan. Call it a compromise. I will write really fast without touching my touch pad thingy. I will try really hard not to push any of the wrong buttons. (But, c’mon–you can’t have a post about Colby without pictures. Of Colby. Srsly.)

The dolphins you see above are from many kind people who reached out to our family after our car break-in and subsequent dolphin crisis. None of them are Stinky, and so none of them are loved quite like Stinky, but they have all been slept with and loved. Thank you so much.

People are good.

Colby is good, too. Surprisingly so. I guess he’s proving what they say (although I’m still not quite sure who “they” are): kids are resilient.

Also, this happened yesterday:


This is the first time he has “gotten” what a birthday is. It was a blast seeing him be so excited about blowing out the candles and opening his presents.


I was talking to a friend who is an OT (occupational therapist) one time about how exciting his milestones are. I said something like, “It’s not that I love him more . . .”

“It’s that it’s taken him so much longer to get there, so you have a reason to celebrate.”

I’m glad she knew what I was trying to say and said it for me.



Most kids have a “big” bike by age six–some even ride without training wheels. Colby’s small, though, and doesn’t have the greatest sense of balance. This is perfect for him (especially when you consider he’s been riding his big sisters’ Barbie big wheel for two years). (Except that’s one thing I totally love about him–he doesn’t notice stuff like that so it doesn’t bother him. Still, this bike is definitely faster and sturdier than Barbie.)

Love, love, love that kid.

P.S. Hate, hate, hate the new WordPress media loader. Hopefully the pictures won’t be all squishy when you look at this. But if they are, you should be able to see them by clicking on them. I don’t have time to try and fix it right now, so sorry for the extra step.



4 responses

21 12 2012
Annette & Neal

Happy Birthday Colby! We love you too! We are so excited to see you all at Christmas!!

P.S. What a cute dolphin collection.

23 12 2012

Happy Birthday Colby!

23 12 2012

That was me:) Sorry about the anonymous business.

5 01 2013

People are so kind. I also love your way of writing ‘seriously’. It is the correct way:).

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