Public Restroom

4 01 2013

I went to the Seattle Center with Zack and his middle school band (although I’m not entirely convinced I’m old enough to be a chaperone) before Christmas so they could participate in “Winterfest.” I went to the bathroom at one point while I was there, and found this charming collection sitting by the mirror.


I think it’s some sort of lost and found.

But tell me truly: would YOU eat one of those candy canes?




6 responses

5 01 2013

Mmmmmmm public bathroom flavored candy canes.

8 01 2013

Not for a million bucks!

8 01 2013
Jeff Archibald

They ARE wrapped…

but they are also near middle schoolers, so…no.

9 01 2013

Probably not, but still precious! 🙂

23 01 2013

My son has a theory, he thinks Santa had to use the bathroom and went into that one. I still wouldn’t eat the candy canes.

23 01 2013
Mrs. Olsen

Oh come on people! It’s wrapped. Yes I would probably eat it, but be careful about tearing off the plastic first.

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