For My Bounteous Blessings

12 02 2013

I walked down to the mailbox a minute ago, slipping some completed valentines into the slot. The wind was cold, so I stuffed my hands into my pockets and wrapped my coat around my body, since it was too much trouble to zip up.

I slammed the front door and shivered–why can’t I seem to get warm today?–and decided I’d best make myself lunch while the getting is still good. (Sometimes I forget to eat until later, and it gets interrupted by kids needing to be picked up from school.) I opened the fridge and looked inside, even though I knew there wasn’t anything in there I wanted to eat. It was more a matter of form.

The coldness of the day (a reminder that, well, it is still February, after all, and what can you expect?) made me want something warm for lunch. A hot sandwich.


As I made my sandwich I thought about my friend who once promised a story about Sebastian, the French panini maker. I said, “I’m getting one of those for Christmas!” And so I did, although it ended up that her story was about an actual person, named Sebastian, who was French and made paninis, and mine was a panini grill. (Which, naturally, I have named Sebastian in her honor.)

And I thought about how blessed I am to have such an amazing friend, which led me to remember the conversation I had with another friend this morning, who didn’t mind that I stopped by after dropping Eden off for school and she was still in her pajamas. We talked and laughed and hugged and I learned so many things in just one conversation that I have been thinking about ever since.

I thought about the things we talked of while I made valentines for my family. It has become somewhat of a tradition to make homemade valentines the family home evening before Valentine’s Day and send them out, our little love notes to family far away. Last night, as the kids screamed and yelled and poked each other with sticks (figuratively, thank goodness), I was so tired and exhausted and done. But the problem was that the valentines weren’t actually finished, so I worked on them today. By myself. (Which was, I must say, rather nice.)

And even though it seemed like family home evening was just one long fight and a huge failure, I felt grateful while making the valentines and knowing I have so many wonderful people in my life to love. That knowledge lifted me, pulled me from the February dismals and the knowledge that my to-do list is longer than I have time and energy for, and made me happy.

Now, I will eat a hot sandwich and work for awhile and maybe fold laundry and just enjoy the blessedness that is my life.




One response

12 02 2013

You are the sweetest friend ever Wendy. I wish I were closer.:( I’m so glad you at least had a good sandwich though!!! 😉

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