Colby’s Room: Before and After

29 04 2013

I have a terrible sense of timing.

Last week was one of the most stressful of the year. I knew that. I knew it was coming. And yet I still allowed myself to begin a huge project the week prior to that because . . . the world may never know. I’m insane? That’s probably it.

Anyway, the stars aligned and the bunk bed I was buying on a Buy, Sell, Trade site for Rainbow finally became available. Because Rainbow was going to get her bunk bed, that meant Colby could have her old bed, since he was still sleeping in a crib without one side. (He is six, after all. I suppose it’s time.) But before I did that, I wanted to paint Colby’s bedroom. Why? you may wonder. This is why:


Not only was it very messy. It was also pink.


Of the Pepto-Bismol variety. It was like this when I moved into the house nine years ago. I didn’t like it even then.


I bring procrastination to a whole new level. (Colby’s so lucky he gets to share his room with all my sewing stuff. He doesn’t complain, but that might be because he’s got the vocabulary of a two-year-old . . .)

So, due to this golden opportunity, I decided to paint.


A nice, fresh white.


You might argue that white has no personality, but after all the “extra” personality from the pink, I was happy to give it up. Besides, I had a few ideas to make it Colby’s own.


(He likes it, by the way. He didn’t show any reaction to the white, but he is pretty excited about the road.)


Add a new bed . . .


A few favorite things on a magnet board . . .


And Mom’s sewing stuff (sorry, kid, there’s really no where else to put it) . . .

And you get a new room! One that was done at an incredibly inconvenient time, but that has lots of room to build trains and slide and sleep in your own bed (instead of schlepping in with Mom).


My Own Eden

14 04 2013

This post is going to be picture- and Eden-heavy.

I haven’t updated with many photos lately because I haven’t taken many photos lately.

We’ve just been crazy busy.


Eden did a science project earlier this year, testing the sound quality when using different types of line on a tin can phone. She titled it “The Can Whisperer.”


The night before it was due, she was stressing about getting everything just right on her board. Tears were shed. (Even though she set up this picture proclaiming her love of science, I think she loves art more–the time she spent taking artsy pictures of all of her materials for the experiment equaled the time it took her to perform the experiment.)

The tears were not in vain. She won a ribbon for third place! Way to go, Eden!

Eden was in a local high school’s production of Oliver! (The exclamation point is in the title. Not that I wasn’t excited about it, but I probably wouldn’t have exclaimed that.) Rehearsals started in earnest at the beginning of the year–she went almost every day after school for a couple of months. Then, as it got closer to showtime, the rehearsals extended later into the evening. After two weekends of performances, the entire family was tired of all the late nights. She did a fantastic job and made some new friends, too.


Her big part was right at the beginning. She was an orphan, and sang “Food, Glorious Food” with the other orphans, Oliver included.


She had a little solo where she stood on a table. It was darling. (Except we don’t allow standing on the table at our house, so she didn’t get to practice that at home.)






This is from the song “Who Will Buy?” Eden is a different character here; you can tell because she has parents.


This is the only shot I got of her during the curtain call where you can see her face. The braided girl shifted just enough that Eden’s face was obscured for all the others.

She had a wonderful time and did a wonderful job–but I can’t say I’m sorry it’s over. Those musicals are so much work!



During the musical, Eden decided she wanted to get her hair cut. In usual me-fashion, it took longer than it should have to get the deed done–but it got done in the end.


She’s donating it to Locks of Love.


She picked out the style and everything. No twinges of regret.


Seriously. Too cute for words.


And also a tiny bit sassy. I sure love this girl . . . who turns eleven this week! Happy birthday, Eden! I’m so very glad you’re my daughter.