Summer Cuts

9 06 2013

I posted Eden’s new haircut a month or two ago. When Rainbow saw it, she said, “I want to cut my hair like Eden’s!”

I said, “Okay. But I’ll have to get you an appointment.” (It is a style beyond my basic hair cutting skills.)

Then things got busy (was May a vortex of craziness for anyone else?) and I forgot to get her an appointment. Which turned out well, because a couple of weeks later she said, “Nevermind. I just want a trim.”

I said, “Okay. Let’s do it next week.”

Next week never came (I make my kids so crazy sometimes), and Eden was scheduled for a trim. Rainbow said, “I want to come! I want my hair cut like Eden’s!”

I said, “Okay. Are you sure?”


“You changed your mind last time. Are you sure you won’t change your mind again?”

“I’m sure.”

So Rainbow came to Eden’s haircut and we set up an appointment for the next day.

DSC_0072 2

Voila! Cutest pixies ever.

For the first time, both my girls had shorter hair than I did. Not only that, both of my girls had shorter hair than Zack.



Zack is on the one-haircut-a-year plan, though. And this weekend, he decided, was the time.

That is the before. Here is the after:


How would it be to be so handsome that it matters not the length of your hair?


Of course, we had to stop midway and take pictures.


Because who doesn’t love to imagine themselves with a mullet?


Business in the front . . .


. . . party in the back!

I imagine you’ll all want my number to share in this hair cutting goodness, but I’m afraid the craziness didn’t end in May. Life is just so busy right now I can hardly draw a full breath.


Nine more days of school left. Then we canĀ really party!