Something Happened on My Way into Wal-Mart

29 06 2014


Rainbow was my travel buddy yesterday in running a few errands. We hit the gas station, then were on to Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and the library.

On our way into Wal-Mart, there was a woman standing just outside the doors. Her cart held a few things she’d purchased, along with her purse. Her son, who looked to be about four, was standing off to the side, wearing green frog boots, and screaming his head off.

Rainbow and I stepped into the cart garage and I pulled out a cart, sanitizing the handle for good measure. We were just about to walk through the automatic doors when I stopped. “Let’s go and help that lady.”

Rainbow, ever game for whatever adventure arrives at her door, skipped along behind me as I walked back outside.

The boy continued to scream. His mother talked to him patiently.

I caught her eye and said, “Let me help. I’ll push your cart while you carry him.”

“Thanks,” she said.

The boy had passed over the threshold of reason and was completely beyond reach of any rational thought. He screamed for his car. He threw his car away. He screamed to be picked up. He screamed to be let down to walk.

Four can be so ferocious.

She scooped him up and we followed her to her car, stopping only a couple of times so Rainbow could pick up one of the cars he threw or scoop up a boot he had kicked off.

The mom, she was awesome. In complete control the entire time, despite her son’s incoherent sobs and writhing to escape her arms.

“This is it,” she said when we reached a white sedan. “Thank you so much.”

I patted her on the arm and gave her a side hug. “Hang in there, Mom,” I said. “You’re doing a great job.”

I’m not sharing this because I think I’m such a great person. I’m sharing it because after I spent five minutes helping a complete stranger get through a situation I’ve been in many times myself, I felt really good. Like, clicking-my-heels good.

Apparently I should serve people more often.




These Kids . . .

24 06 2014


. . . just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. (Pictured here with their favorite child.)

They make the hard work of marriage look easy, and their complete dedication and tenderness toward each other makes my heart happy.

I love these parents of mine.

Mom and Dad

Happy anniversary, you two!